Screenings, Parent Talks and Special Presentations

Speech and Occupational Therapy Screenings offered at your school

Children’s Therapy Group offers Speech and Occupational Therapy Screenings at your school.  We provide the permission forms, schedule the screenings around your calendar and come in the day of the screenings to make things move as smoothly as possible.  It is our goal to provide a quick, yet thorough screening of a child’s speech and/or occupational skills in order to determine if further evaluation is needed. This is a quick, easy and low cost way for families to begin the process of speech or occupational therapy, as well as ask any questions that they may have about their child’s development.  

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Speech and Occupational Therapy Parent Talks

Children’s Therapy Group is happy to provide follow up Parent Talks following Speech and Occupational Therapy Screenings at your school for you parents and families.  This is a great way to provide some more information and details about Speech and Occupational Therapy services and how they can benefit your child’s development. When you book a Speech and Occupational Therapy Screening, please ask for more information about scheduling a follow up Parent Talk.  

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Special Presentations

In addition to our follow up Parent Talks, Children’s Therapy Group is happy to provide special presentations or in-service talks to groups.  We can provide knowledgeable therapists to speak on a variety of topics for a variety of groups. If you are a member of a mom’s group, special needs support group, community/charity group or a teacher please consider this valuable service as a way to enhance your group’s knowledge of speech and occupational therapy issues.  

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