The Language of Behavior Program

A Program to Help Parents and Children Cultivate Communication, Connection and Calm in their Lives

Behavior is a language and it is your child’s way of seeking one of these three things- communication, connection or calm.  We as parents have needs for these things, but what we don’t always realize is that our child needs the same things too.

This program is designed to walk you and your child through a 5-month process that includes discovering the ways that you can communicate, connect and find calm through practical, implementable strategies that can positively impact your child’s behavior and your ability as a parent to model and shape this for them.

The Language of Behavior Program Includes:

1-  1 ½ hr- Introduction and Orientation Session

We help you and your child to pinpoint and address the behavior issues that you would like to address with this approach.


3- Monthly 1- 1 ½ hr sessions (with 2 phone or Zoom calls per month)

We dive deep into each area of the Language of Behavior Program:

  • Communication- helping you learn to match the communication to the behavior.

The program will teach you as the parent different forms of communication and how to recognize and use them with their child

  • Connection- helping you understand that connection can look different for different children and in different ways than we would expect.

The program will teach parents different types of connection and how to establish them with their child

  • Calm-  helping you to set yourself up as a parent that is coming from a place of calm first so that you can help your child find their calm


The program will teach parents different strategies and tools to teach    themselves and their child ways to create calm in their lives


1-  1 hr- Conclusion and Carryover Session

With you and your child, we make sure there is a plan in place to help you use your new tools and strategies to bring all 3 of these components together in a practical and easily implementable way.  

When it comes to finding and cultivating communication, connection and calm in your child’s life so that you truly can understand the language of their behavior; there is no better way to give your child reference for what behaviors you expect from them than leading by example.  You are their guide and compass until they can develop one of their own.

It is our goal through The Language of Behavior Program to help teach you the skills and strategies that are right for you and your child so that you can be the best example for them that you can be.  

Always leading through learning every step of the way!


$1250 Paid in full

Payment Plan:

$250 first visit (Introduction Session)

$625 x2 payments


  • Intro Session with your child  (1- 1 ½ hour)
  • 1- 1 ½ hour monthly in-person sessions with you (4 total)
  • 2- 20 minute check-in calls per month
  • Unlimited email access and support

Your child may be a good candidate for a Speech-Language evaluation if you answer YES to one or more of these questions:

  1. Does your child have difficulty being understood by you or others, especially less familiar people?
  2. Does your child seem to use less words to communicate than gestures?
  3. Does your child struggle with following verbal directions at home or in the classroom setting?
  4. Does your child have difficulty talking to other children in social situations?
  5. Does your child have disruptions in the flow of their speech or unusual speech patterns?

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